August 1, 2019

You’ve been invited to a destination beach wedding — and you’re thrilled! There’s nothing you’d love more than to celebrate the special couple in the most idyllic setting imaginable. Still, while you’re excited to make the most of this opportunity, you’re also concerned about a few key considerations you might not have to think about with a ‘traditional’ wedding near home. Namely: what to wear?

Wardrobe concerns can be especially confusing when planning for ceremonies involving Connecticut wedding venues on the water. Different weather conditions and levels of formality can leave you struggling to know where to start. No worries — below, we’ve compiled a few essential tips for choosing the perfect outfit for beach weddings in CT on the water:


A basic rule of thumb to follow when dressing for beach weddings: not too fancy and not too casual. Keep in mind that the venue will play a role in your look. Weddings held directly on the beach are typically a bit more casual than those involving beachside ballrooms or other formal settings.

For formal beach weddings, men often wear suits — but toned down compared to traditional weddings. Lighter colors (especially shades of grey) are acceptable, with traditional suit jackets often swapped for sharp blazers featuring breathable blends. For semi-formal or casual affairs, guys can wear button-up shirts and slacks.

When attending weddings held directly on the beach, women are best off avoiding excessively fancy full-length gowns, which can quickly feel stuffy or look over the top. Lighter fabrics are encouraged, as are shorter dresses in bright colors. Longer gowns may feel more at place in ballrooms, but even then, they are by no means required.

Ultimately, the best outfit fits the degree of formality specified by the bride and groom or implied by the choice of venue. Semi-formal attire is generally safe, so long as it’s comfortable enough to keep you happy in a beach setting.


Footwear is a key consideration for a destination wedding in Connecticut. Open-toed shoes work nicely in the summer, but you’ll want to think carefully about the beach location — if the bride and groom choose to share their vows in the sand, your favorite pair of stilettos may not be a wise choice. Dressy flats or sandals, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable for a Connecticut beach wedding and will have you feeling comfortable for the entirety of the ceremony and reception.

Regardless of preferred heel height, flip flops should be avoided at all costs — even for a decidedly casual beach wedding. Not only are they far too casual, but they also aren’t particularly conducive to dancing and other wedding reception activities.


Sparkly earrings or a sharp tie can quickly transform an otherwise dull outfit. Accessories can also make slightly casual attire come across as more formal. As with shoes and clothing, comfort will obviously be a key factor in selecting accessories for a beach-based ceremony. Opt for classy items that accentuate your outfit or tie your entire look together — without appearing too gaudy for a sophisticated wedding environment.


As you plan the perfect beach wedding outfit, consider not only what looks best, but also what will hold up to extensive travel. Flights and long road trips can take their toll on otherwise attractive outfits. Pack carefully to limit creasing. A few wrinkles are inevitable, so make room for a personal steamer to ensure that your outfit looks fresh in time for the ceremony.

With a little planning, it’s more than possible to find a chic beach wedding outfit that meets both your style and comfort standards. Ultimately, it’s all about honoring the special couple. Take their preferences into account, inject a little of your own unique personality, and you’ll have no trouble coming up with the perfect wedding attire.

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